No Susan, we don't want flowers in the higstreet!

It's Tuesday evening, I have been home from work bearly half an hour and am sitting in a small hall, which is no less than 90 degrees(!) wondering why on earth I decided to come here. Giving myself a bit of a reality check, I remember that I am fed up of Wickford being at the bottom of the list for regeneration, improvements..pretty much anything, compared to our surrounding towns. Three very passionate residents also feel the same frustrations and have called a meeting to discuss the opportunity to set up a Town Council for Wickford. What becomes evident quite quickly is that Wickford is a big hole, literally. Looking at a map of town and parish councils across Essex, Wickford appears to be the only town without one; this to a reasonable extent, is partly why we seem to be left behind compared to surrounding towns like Rayleigh and Billericay. Wickford has no collective voice to represent our wondeful town, we have less funding for improvements - such as the (somewhat lacking) Christmas lights, flowers in the higstreet etc. However, the vision of the 3 people driving this meeting, and those in attendance, don't just want to put flowers in the higstreet, we want to think bigger and better than this. We want Wickford to be the fantastic, beautiful town that it once was, bringing back the community spirit! The process is a long and complicated one but everyone in the room is full of excitement at the prospect of a non-political body of Wickford residents elected to represent what is best for our town as opposed to someone trying to push a political agenda and further their own career. There are some amazing people willing to drive this initiative forward for the benefit of all residents, whether they will be under the new Town Council boundaries or not.

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