A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet

Personally, I don't really like the smell of roses, I think there are far better smelling flowers around! Anyway.. my point here is that dreaded word 'council' 😱😱 the unspeakable authorities that manage our towns across the nation requires a little more flexibility with definition and not to be tarnished with the same brush across different facets. Whilst our Council does try to improve the facilities and cosmetics of the town, inevitably there are a lot of competing priorities which makes things difficult.

The idea of a Town Council has been thrown around a lot recently which is gaining significant interest, positive/negative/apprehensive.. all of which are completely valid views and generate interesting questions and debate amongst the community; however, a common theme I see is that "council" is not a word with much positivity associated to it (understandably). Wickford has been left behind the likes of Billericay which is under the remit of the same local authority but has a Town Council working to improve aspects of their respective areas that are not priorities, or even concerns, for the Borough Council. We have the recent example of Rayleigh in Bloom which was absolutely beautiful (although referring to my prior blog, we should be more innovative than this) I doubt that it would have been as successful without the backing of Rayleigh Town Council. There are so many things that we, as a community, can do to drastically improve the place we live that it seems silly not to try and implement this initiative. Shotgate and Runwell already have parish councils and do things for their respective areas but there could be an opportunity to collaborate for the benefit of all 3 parishes.. can you imagine what could be acheived with such collaboration..?! Wickford is gradually becoming solely a commuter town, with a basically derelict highstreet, it will become a ghost town unless something is done; we can make it wonderful again if we as a community pull together and make it so.

There are public meetings being held for all residents to find out more information and ask LOADS of questions, the next of which will be Wednesday 17th October at the Wick Community Centre on Silva Island Way.

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