Are you interested in being one of the future Councillors on Wickford Town Council?

Check out 'Who can be a Town Councillor' in the 'About Town Councils' section.

At the moment we have a team of 12 who are all looking to stand as future Town Councillors, once the proposal has been agreed. It is likely the future council will have around 20 Councillors, so if you are interested please contact us.


Our current team as individuals all have our own political views but politics is left at the door of our meetings as we discuss what we as a group believe is good for Wickford. All we want is what we believe is best for the town, once we have a council our view is to be very open and transparent with the public and to have their input so we can make Wickford an even better place to live, work and enjoy.

Click the picture below and take the first step to making a real difference to your Town.



Wickford Shadow Town Council